Host an intern this summer.

Engage Chicago builds mutually beneficial relationships with top community organizations and civic institutions in Chicago.

For summer 2024, Engage Chicago is looking for organizations interested in hosting unpaid interns for three days/week (20–24 hours/week), for eight weeks (June 17 – August 9). Students can work remotely or in-person in the Chicago area.

Complete the Engage Chicago Host Site Application to apply to host an intern this summer. Please complete the application as soon as possible to be included in the next round of matching. We will accept interest from host organizations until all students are matched with an organization (typically mid-May).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Engage Chicago?
Engage Chicago is an eight-week summer field study program run by Northwestern University’s Center for Civic Engagement and Chicago Field Studies. Engage Chicago gives bright undergraduates a chance to earn academic credit as they live, work, and serve together in Chicago – all while learning from the city’s rich history and culture of civic engagement.

What kinds of organizations can host an intern?
We look for organizations that: 1) Impact the city in substantial ways, offering an opportunity for students to learn about and work towards social change; 2) Charge students with project-based work, not simply clerical tasks; and 3) Assign a primary supervisor who will be invested in the students’ learning experience.

What kinds of work can interns do?
Internship projects can include any type of work that advances the efforts of the host organization. Organizations can specify needed or desired skills and experience of prospective interns on the Host Site Interest Form.

When is the intern available to work?
Students have Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays available for internship work. They have class on Tuesday afternoons and Thursdays. Interns may have weekend or evening availability for special events; this can be discussed with program staff and the intern directly.

What are the students like?
We work with bright, motivated students who are eager to learn about Chicago, about public interest work, and about themselves. Students have all completed at least one year of college. They are in a variety of fields of study. Many are Northwestern students, but we also have students from other colleges and universities enrolled in the program. They are receiving academic course credit for their participation in Engage Chicago this summer.

How does the match process work?
The Engage Chicago office will send the resumes of students who are interested in a specific intern role to the contact person listed on the Host Site Application. This process will start in early April and continue through May. Organizations can select a candidate based on their resume alone, request additional materials such as a cover letter, or schedule an interview. If your organization is interested in matching with an intern earlier in the spring, please include details about this when you complete the Host Site Application.

What are the expectations of the host site?
After a match has been made, the host site is expected to complete two forms. The host site is responsible for working with the intern to complete an Internship Expectations Form prior to the start of the program. Then at the end of the program, the host site completes an evaluation of the intern’s performance.

During the two months of the program, we expect interns to receive regular supervision and support, and to be as integrated into the organization as possible given the length of the internship. We partner with organizations that are invested in helping interns have an enriching learning experience while also contributing to the work of the organization.

Further Questions?
Please contact Engage Chicago at

“Year after year we get to work with talented and committed students.”

– Legal Aid Chicago